Indigi stands for crafting digital experiences. It all starts with a clear goal and a common understanding of the way things are built to make things happen. It takes practice to know what and how to ask from a designer, developer or tester, in order to set your in-house team up for success or to collaborate well with outsourced experts. Whether your company needs some direction through consultancy or a short-term step-in to shift things into motion, let's get in touch and discuss how Indigi can help. 


Telephone: (+372) 506 3635
Indigi OÜ
Tallinn, Estonia


  • MSc in Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, Tallinn University (2022)
  • Interaction Design Specialization, University of California, San Diego (2016)
  • Certified SCRUM Product Owner, (2016)
  • MBA in Marketing and Management, Tallinn Technical University (2005)
  • BA in English and Public Relations, University of Tartu (2001)

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