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Indigi offers UX design and product development consultancy. We help companies establish structure and boost collaboration across different teams and functionalities through the use of agile methodology and design thinking to plan and deliver the roadmap. We are focused on working with web services that make use of smart technology and aim to generate value for the end users. 


Indigi's consultant Maris Heinaru has 10+ years of experience in web development and leading teams in tech and finance industries. She has helped build numerous web services and grow the acquisition funnel of a number of fast-growing companies like Pipedrive, Monese, Snackable and many others. Having worked in an international environment and managed cross-border teams, she has led professionals from design to engineering, quality assurance to content administration, copywriting to localization and conversion optimization to analytics.


We understand marketing and product needs and challenges. We know how difficult it can be to turn great ideas into great products and ensure development efficiency and quality, while making different experts in their field work in perfect harmony. This enables us to blend strategic and tactical product development driven by design thinking and empathy for the user with real data and a straightforward #gettingstuffdone attitude.   

UX design

It is about making it clear what the product offers and how to go about using it. Really empathising with the user. Simplifying. Getting feedback. Iterating. 

  • Planning UX research and conversion optimization
  • Designing meaningful user experiences 
  • Design critique of web and mobile services

Product management

It is important to decide what are all the things that you're not going to do to get that one thing delivered that matters the most. And then plan for it.

  • Planning product roadmap and strategy
  • Product management from wireframes to MVP
  • Implementing SCRUM and setting up sprints


The teams that flourish operate with synergy. They understand who needs to do what, take ownership and put the team first. They experiment and learn.

  • Building high-performance agile teams 
  • Creating workflows to boost team efficiency 
  • Defining metrics that drive growth

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